Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random bits of inspiration

While I wouldn't go so far to say that this is a "quilting blog", quilting has become a revitalized obsession with me as of late. I'm totally late to the Moda party and I keep uncovering layer after layer of amazing women involved in contemporary quilting. I'm astounded by the creativity I've seen and have been completely inspired to take my own skills to a whole new level. Last week's quilt market in Pittsburgh has been covered by several bloggers I've come to love. Their photos make me writhe in jealousy at the opportunity they had to gather together. I stumbled upon Fig Tree Quilt's blog this afternoon and am awed by the empire she seems to have created. Found myself downloading a few tunes she has streaming there as well. I don't have too much more of a point than to say that as I discover these fantastic finds, I'm hoping to share them here. Inspiration is a funny thing: whether you're a quilter or not, surrounding yourself with other creative people can only lead to something great.

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