Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's not my kitchen, it's not my kitchen.

My sister is in the process of moving into her first house. It's a huge step for her to be taking on her own and I'm so impressed with the leap of faith it takes to buy your own home. I'm living a little vicariously through her as she redecorates the place to her own tastes. I love my own home, but the thought of that blank palette and not worrying about anyone else's preferences just sounds so liberating right now! Of course as the big sister, I can't help but chime in a little bit. Her kitchen is being gutted as I write this. If it were MY kitchen (which of course it isn't) I'd be going with the beautiful homey color palette from French General: I guess it was the post by Decor8 about Petite Details' French-inspired decor that inspired me. I'm in love with her creamy white dishes and those sweet red accents. I keep drooling over her Flickr photostream and wishing I had time to scour French flea markets for the kind of vintage finds she seems to have in abundance. But since my kitchen has no need for a redecorating project and the kitchen being gutted is not mine, guess I'll have to be content with maybe enjoying a croissant and a day dream. Alas.

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  1. I cannot at all imagine Molly's kitchen with this type of decor. Nonetheless the material is beautiful; I am inspired. Might need to make the girls some nice heavy fall quilts. Thanks for sharing.


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