Sunday, July 19, 2009

My pathetic victory garden

At the outset of summer I was filled with grandiose ideas of being able to cook meals out of what I could grow on my deck. I was filled with hope, energy and a vow to grow some veggies and herbs and shop at the local farmer's market to fill in the rest. We have an utterly waterlogged yard, so I was limited to what would thrive in pots but that was no deterrent for me. I spent days at the local garden centers picking out a nice array of things to try. My jalapeno is finally growing and my only 2 red tomatoes: Veggies And then "summer" happened. Why is it that I forget EVERY DANG YEAR that summer in these parts consists of cooler-than-expected weather and long bouts of horribly rainy overcast days?! It's just not right I tell you. We're blasted with horrible winters, we should get some balancing out from June - August. Instead we are teased with the occasional traditional summer day, but in general this is just not prime veggie garden zoning in my opinion. Then this last week, my poor yellow spotted leaf garden got its final blow--the beetles descended. Thankfully they waited till I was able to harvest the last of the strawberries. The plant quickly made its departure from my deck and I'm keeping a watchful eye on what's left, which I'm sad to say isn't much. Just when I'm ready to toss in the towel, I stumbled across this totally inspiring couple who are living my dream. What gives me the most encouragement is they admit they've had their share of plant failures in their own victory garden. I love their directory of what has worked for them along with recipes to use their bounty. So maybe I just need to adjust my dream. I do have 2 tomatoes and a baby jalapeno, maybe I can make a tot-sized serving of salsa. That would at least be something.

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