Friday, August 14, 2009

I know summer's not over, but. . .

I went to my favorite quilt store (a big pilgrimage of an hour and a half away) with the purpose of picking up fabric to try another dress for the peanut. I got sidetracked like a moth to the flame with this: Moda Cotton Blossoms I'm thinking fall. Pumpkins. Turkey. Apple cider. And one very cute table runner. What are you thinking?


  1. Cotton Blossoms - mmmmmmmmmmm. I just finished a quilt top using those fabrics. LOVE 'EM! Have fun.

  2. I'm thinking you just decorated my new kitchen. =)

    Hey, where is this shop? South of where you live or north? Just wondering if it's close to me, or very, very far from me. =)

  3. I'm thinking that stack is good enough to eat!


  4. I'm with you! Pumpkins, Turkey and baking... bring it on!


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