Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Strawberry scented memories

I recently requested storybook suggestions from my friends so I could expand the peanut's reading list. I've been overwhelmed with the response and have a wonderful list of titles to keep in my pocket for future library trips. But as I pored over the titles and filled in missing author names, one certain book popped out of nowhere into my mind after laying dormant for oh I don't know, 28 years?? One thing led to another and I find myself spending my afternoon digging up crazy images of things long forgotten from childhood days in my search to find it. Does anyone else remember this?: red strawberry Oh how I loved Strawberry Shortcake. Many of these were part of my own collection once upon a time. Childhood is a crazy thing. How is it that I haven't thought of this book in almost three decades and yet once I remembered it I can still clearly see some of the pictures in my mind? There's a copy available on Ebay right now and it's taking all my willpower not to order it. I think part of me worries the reality of the book won't live up to the memory in my head. I've never felt more pressure to expose the peanut to great books than now. "Impressionable" has a whole new meaning for me this afternoon. I wonder if Miss Shortcake still smells the same, too. . .


  1. i ♥ed strawberry shortcake.
    i sing my daughter the cuppycake song all the time.

  2. I too LOVE the vintage strawberry shortcake. My mom kept all my books and toys and gave me a huge gift on my 30th birthday of all my toys and keepsakes from childhood. Now that I have them I am afraid to give them to my own children because they might break or hurt them. LOL

    P.S. All my dolls still smell 25+ years later!

  3. The Bear Under the Stairs by Helen Cooper, actually anything by her is great! Excellent illustrations and wonderfully written. My 5 year old son practically has these books memorized.


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