Monday, August 3, 2009

Wall galleries for the design impaired

I pour over design blogs, I love Better Homes and Gardens magazine, I watch HGTV when given the chance. Despite trying to absorb the numerous tips and tricks that these fantastic resources hold, I am practically inept at designing anything for my own home. I love how things look in the pictures, but I can never seem to execute it for myself. For the 3 years we've lived in our house I've been stumped as to how to decorate the space above our fireplace. Because of the layout of our house, it is the first thing you see as you come into our home. I've tried a handful of different arrangements of pictures but nothing felt right for the space. First we had art that was too small. Then I copied a Pottery Barn mantle but bought frames that were forever hanging off kilter. I've rotated countless decorative objects but it always felt cluttered and mismatched. This weekend I discovered the 5 Second Frame and I'm a total convert. I'm guessing that the design superstars reading this are shaking their heads in pity, but this could quite possibly be the best photo invention I've come across, ever. Fireplace Display Look at how perfectly straight they are hanging! Notice the nice even spaces between frames?! This would have been a nearly impossible feat for me without the awesome hanging templates these frames come with. I can't believe I'm devoting an entire blog post to picture frames but this has seriously been the deepest source of aggravation for me design-wise for so many years! I totally covet those wall galleries found in Pottery Barn catalogs and I was finally able to hang one single-handedly within minutes. Now the big question is which photos to put in the frames. I'm debating all color, all black and white, or some kind of mix. Knowing me, this is the step where I'll screw it up. If only I could find my own personal designer to follow me around. . .

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