Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mommy and Me Market Bags

Last week was my birthday. I have to admit, I was spoiled pretty rotten by loved ones with random packages arriving on my doorstep. One such package that definitely deserves a little bragging about included these: Matching market bags Mommy and Me Market bags! Aren't they darling? Want to know what makes them even better? They are the First Completed Sewing project my friend Colet has ever done. Included with her sweet gift was an even more thoughtful note about how seeing my completed projects here inspired her to finish one of her own. And I'm the lucky lady to get them! She did an awesome job. I would never have known they were her first. My first completed projects are usually found hiding in closets around the house. Seriously, look at those handles! She even trimmed the fabric so the lemons would run up the handles just so. Very impressive. Kid's market bag I've found so much inspiration from the blogs I read, it feels wonderful to be paying that feeling forward. Thanks so much, Colet! You made my day! These will be getting a workout this afternoon at our local Farmer's Market. And, a reminder to everyone else: Keep imagining up names for my serger! Leave your entries here.


  1. I am so happy you liked them! Thanks for the attention, and the photos are, of course, amazing.

  2. I love the tomato material. What a wonderful collection of colors. So sweet.


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