Monday, May 18, 2009

Peas and Carrots and Peanuts

I've been completely absent from here for too long because Peanut Blossom's "better half" came for an extended visit last week. My great friend and partner, Zina, brought her own little peanut so that our girls could hang out and bond for the first time ever. We saw each other through our pregnancies but life took our families in opposite directions before the girls really got to meet. This visit with our babies was something we've always chatted about and finally got the opportunity to follow up on. 
Zina is definitely my "peas and carrots" friend. You couldn't find two more opposite ladies but we connect and complement one another on every point that counts. She is my creative inspiration and personal design director. You can thank her for the lovely header at the top of this blog. We filled our visit with plenty of pent-up chatting, a fantastic visit to the Chicago Botanic Gardens, playtime for the girls, and blueberry mojitos for the moms. I couldn't have wished for a better way to end out the week.

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