Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Don't be shy

I posted my photo blog project this morning and I'm rather pleased with how it ended up turning out. I look back at yesterday taking all those photos. By 11 a.m. I was ready to toss my camera out the window, nothing was turning out the way I wanted it to. Something changed in the afternoon and I started to enjoy the photos I was taking just a little bit more. By the time I imported them onto the computer last night, I could see the project coming together and I woke up this morning excited to share them. 
With my project out of the way, I'm now just waiting for everyone else's postings to appear in Facebook. My co-conspirator Zina posted hers this evening and I'm blown away at just how beautiful everyday photos really can be. I consider Zina to be one of the best photographers I've met and while her album is gorgeous, I was just as entertained by a friend of a friend's project--a woman from Colorado whom I've never met. I think it is fascinating to take a peek into someone's opinion of what is important and meaningful from their day. Such a personal expression left out to be shared with anyone interested. I hope I see plenty more of my friends sharing their days with me in the week to come. It would be such a shame to let something as silly as camera shyness get in the way of such a wonderful project.

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