Monday, June 8, 2009

Attempting applique'

Applique' quilts have always had a bad rap in my book. I respect the skill it takes to create such a thing, but Sunbonnet Sue really has no place in my home. I had no interest in even attempting to learn this process and had basically written it off as too old-fashioned for my taste until I stumbled upon Camille Roskelley's patterns over at Thimble Blossoms. I instantly fell in love with her whimsical style, I can't say I've ever seen such playful applique patterns before. 
I ordered up Sweet Cheeks because it seemed like the perfect starting project--just the right size with a simple enough top so I'm not bogged down in piecing only to screw up the final step. I finished the quilt top weeks ago but finally got the chance to attempt the applique yesterday afternoon. Thanks to some pointers from Carrie at Ruffled Feathers, I'm pleased to share my first try. I can see how this could become completely addictive but I need to really work on my final stitching.


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