Friday, June 5, 2009

Binding Corners

I finally finished the quilting on my baby gift and am this close to having the binding done, thank goodness! I just recently attempted my first binding project and I love the finished edge it gives a quilt. I could never have done it without tons of help from online tutorials. Amy from Diary of a Quilter has the best overall Binding Tutorial I've seen. The only step in the process that I found to be completely confusing was how to attack the corners. This is a super photo-heavy post, but I wanted to clearly  illustrate the corner step since they are such a big deal in the final product. Hope this helps! Step 1:  As you are sewing up to your first corner, stop and back stitch a few stitches.
Step 2: Turn the quilt direction so the next edge is prepped for sewing.
Step 3: Fold the binding upwards and away from you so that the raw edges are are still in line.
Step 4: Fold the binding back down towards you, leaving a little "pocket" of material underneath your finger. The raw edges of the binding and the quilt should again be touching.
Another view of Step 4:
Step 5: Continue sewing down the raw edges, back stitch to reinforce your starting stitches.
Final product: This is what your corner will look like on the front side of the quilt before you turn over the binding.
And this is what the corner will look like on the front side when you turn the binding over to attach the back:
Now I'm off to finish the sewing on the underside of the quilt. I hope to be back on Monday with the final photos of this project. Have a great weekend.

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