Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Impending doom

Perhaps my flair for the dramatic is a little over the top today, but that is how I feel. The dang weatherman has decided we're in for another 5 straight days of thunderstorms and overcast skies. I'm going batty with this ugly "summer" weather. Coming home from our morning errands, I stopped and noticed my blooming flowers at the end of our front walk. I know in theory that overcast skies are perfect photography weather, but usually I just remember the bad weather the day the photo was shot. Oddly enough, this morning my flowers just seemed a little brighter than normal so I went and grabbed the camera before the torrential rains arrive. I thought having a reminder of the flowers in the yard over the next few days might brighten my spirits. 
I just made this photo my desktop and I plan on staring at those bright pink petals till my eyes go numb. Maybe then I'll have a shot at not realizing what it's doing outside on days we should be spending at a pool. Anyone else have tips for surviving a very wet summer?

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