Friday, June 26, 2009

The last strawberry post

So I've been obsessing about my fruit this week. I had no idea how far 2 baskets of strawberries would end up stretching. I feel like I've been cooking with them for days and I still have the better part of a basket left! I thought perhaps you might be interested in the recipes I went with after all the teasing: DSC09381 2 cups became strawberry topping for ice cream the first night. No recipe here, just mash with fork and sprinkle sugar and let marinate a few minutes. 4 cups went to a delicious strawberry pie that I totally screwed up. It wasn't the recipe's fault, it was me. Let's just say at the final crucial moment before entering the oven, the pie was whisked quickly back to the counter and re-opened. Don't ever try to lift a pie crust top off and then replace it. Trust me. I'm so sorry to dishonor you, "Joy of Cooking". Next time I'll watch what I'm doing. 2 cups went to 3 loaves of strawberry bread. Fresh out of the oven as I'm typing this. Haven't tasted it yet but it smells heavenly. 2 cups went to my first batch of freezer jam. I think I've eaten half a container on sourdough this afternoon. Oh. My. Goodness. Definitely a keeper and it may be where the rest of the berries end up. Another 2 cups or so have just been eaten fresh between meals. I definitely underestimated the capacity of these baskets. My third supply trip to the grocery store is in my near future. Honestly, I'm still not berried out. Guess that's a good thing since I'm definitely stocked for a while. Happily, my cutting garden is also coming along. I was able to cut my first "bouquet" this afternoon. The cosmos are much smaller than I had imagined, but I have these sweet little bud vases just waiting to be filled all around the house. DSC09393 Between the sweet berries and cute little cosmos, it was a fantastic way to end out the week. Happy weekend to you!

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