Thursday, June 25, 2009

My husband, the quilter

Let it be known right now that there is a little gray-haired lady that lives inside my husband. When I'm stuck at a design decision on a project, he has offered up some of my favorite solutions. He can take credit for the absolutely inspired decision to back my favorite picnic quilt in denim as well as what he loves to call my "signature racing stripe" on the back of many of my latest projects. Must be one hip and swinging gray-haired lady in there. Tim insists he married me for my quilts. I have no recollection of this incident, but he insists that he asked me to keep one of my blankets in the very early days of our courtship. Apparently I was horrified and told him "no". He decided the only way to get his hands on it permanently was to marry me. It is now one of his favorite afternoon sleeping companions. With all of my sewing frenzy this spring, he finally blurted out "How long do we have to be married before I am quilt worthy?! When do I get my own?" Shame on me for forgetting about my biggest fan. We'll celebrate 8 years of marital bliss at the end of July. I think that is just long enough, he must surely be quilt worthy by now. I told him I was just waiting for the perfect fabric collection, one that screams "Tim!" to me before I'd start. Leave it to him to beat me to the punch and pick out a color palette that fits just right. I was a little skeptical but figured it was a blanket all for him, he deserves his pick. The fabric arrived this afternoon and I'm absolutely dying to get this project in motion. The gray-haired lady strikes again. DSC09376

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