Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why handmade matters to me

One thing I can absolutely promise about this blog is that it will not turn political. I'm not here to stand on any soap boxes or try to sway you one way or another on any set of beliefs. Now that that is out there, I do want to say that I have chosen to not participate in this recession. Over a year ago, my husband and I started working really hard to follow Dave Ramsey's financial plan. We've paid off a lot of our debt but still have a long way to go. Despite the challenges we've faced and the ones I know have yet to rear their ugly heads, we still have hope that we are taking charge of our futures. You won't often hear me discussing finances here, but it is something I discuss frequently offline with close friends along for the financial overhaul ride. In one of my recent conversations, a good friend quoted some article about how every dollar we spend is like a vote. And yes, people are still spending their dollars even if at a much slower pace than before. This only leads to the thought that each dollar you spend carries with it an even more important vote than before. In the last 2 days, I've personally "voted" for 2 fantastic handmade products that I am breathless with excitement for delivery. I'm consistently astounded by the creativity and resourcefulness I've discovered throughout the many blogs, web sites, and Etsy stores I've perused lately. There are some fantastic people doing amazing things--taking charge of their own lives and pursuing their creative dreams. I'm impressed, I'm inspired. These are the kind of people I'd like to be supporting with my financial votes. I hope you'll take a second glance at the list of links I've shared on the right. I'll continue to add to it as I find more sources for inspirational creations. Maybe next time you're in the market for a purchase, you'll consider supporting someone who will truly appreciate your vote. "Thinking green": Herbs on deck

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