Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Involve the Peanut

Children love to create art. I have tried to slowly get my daughter Nya interested in the art of quilting. We often look at the material together and discuss which patterns and colors we like or dislike. My daughter might be the only four year old in Wisconsin who knows the meaning of the word monochromatic. On occasion she has also decided to “help” by handing me a strip of material mid process:
My daughter I happily consider the gift as an added design challenge. How does one work blue floral in with black flaming skeleton heads? See yesterday’s posting! We also often discuss what colors complement one another. This chat has carried over to a summer painting project our two girls have been working. We started with two solid 6x3 foot canvases and a diverse collection of acrylic paint. The results of many random layers and messy adventures are below:
Lola Rose 100_0675 100_0689
Nya Quinn 100_0670 100_0686 See a photo documentary of the progression here: Tiffany and I have discussed how nice it would be if our young daughters grow up to enjoy quilting. The slow pace of completing a quilting would allow unforced time for many important adolescence conversations. It would be absolutely wonderful to share a common (and possibly collaborative) passion. Thank you for having me this week! Your regular "blog host" Tiffany will be back tomorrow. Same bat time, same bat channel. Zina

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  1. this kind of a art project is so much fun...i bet my kids would love it. my daughter is 7 and loves choosing fabric and making quilts, and i often employ her to lay out my blocks so that i don't spend ages agonizing over what way to put them.


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