Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wear sunscreen

Every graduation season brings that song back to the radio. You know the one, with the guy kind of chanting life lessons? I think it's titled "Wear Sunscreen". Anywho, there's a line in there that always sticks with me. Don't waste time worrying about big things when really its the things that blind side you on a random Tuesday that you need to watch out for. I'm having a week filled of those random Tuesdays. Hydrangea A little eye candy to hold you over. The short end of the story is that my mom is fine. We think. The longer end of the story involves several 3 hour round trip treks between her house and mine to help out while she visited some doctors and had some testing done. Needless to say in a situation like this, everything else gets dropped. My frivolous crafting plans for the week were thrust aside and I'm left with nothing to blog about till I get my bearings again. I'm taking a couple days off, but I'll be back next Monday with a series of FANTASTIC posts. Ok, I brag just a little and set your expectations way too high I'm sure. But I'll finally be able to share some photos I've been dying to share and get back to the business of having a little fabric fun. I can't wait.

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