Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Picture of a soul

I recently read Nick Kelsh's parting column in the final issue of "Lasting Moments" magazine and I'm so sorry to see his series end. He's always shared such wonderful "pick it up and use it right now" kinds of tips for improving your photography and I feel I've learned so much from him. One quote from his article really struck home with me: "If you photograph someone in color, it's a fashion shoot. If you photograph them in black and white, it's a picture of a soul." He credits a "famous photographer" for that quote. But no matter who said it, how those words ring true. His overall article was on simplifying your photos to make them stronger. But his most important point was if nothing else try a little black and white. Today I thought I'd share one of the photos from my new wall gallery in it's before and after state. I've always enjoyed the color version, but was blown away by the change to black and white. Before: Before I still love the color version. My little peanut is all rosy and pink and I love the sweet angle of my "first baby's" neck as he gives the peanut a little kiss. But I notice my eye is drawn to her little pink bow on her dress or to Gino's red collar. I notice the pattern of the chair, and her pink curtains, and my eye just jumps around a lot. After: After With the black and white, all I see is that sweet little kiss, a face full of innocence, and the world's gentlest dog. How I love this moment between two little souls.


  1. That is the sweetest picture ever! I LOVE black and white pics too. Color is nice, but you do see soul when in B&W. Jenn

  2. What a wonderful post! I love that quote!!

  3. You are right. I focus right on that little smooch moment in the B&W. So sweet.

  4. What an amazing photo!

    I've always loved black and white. We asked to have our whole wedding shot that way, but the photographer said it was a bad idea. The thing is, I don't use any of my pictures in color now. Black and white can make the ugliest photo beautiful.

  5. I just found your blog... love, love, love it! I too am fond of B&W pics... maybe we are old souls... but you do see the heart of the pictures that way.

    Thank you for sharing and I will be a new follower.
    ~Your friend in blogland ~ Kimberly


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