Monday, May 11, 2009

A day in the life of Peanut Blossom

Today is my "Day in the Life Of" Photo Blog day. I've been carrying around my camera since approximately 7:30 this morning in an attempt to document a typical day. The point of the project is to take notice and appreciate the small moments that make up our lives and find beauty in the everyday. My project definitely got off to a slow start and finding a unique way to present eating breakfast and our morning rituals was more challenging than I remember from the 2008 project. I found that documenting these moments actually made my day drag on far longer than it normally feels. I guess it's exhausting taking time to stop, smell, and photograph all those roses! I just loaded all the photos I've taken thus far onto my computer. Seeing them collectively on the big screen has made me excited to cull out my favorites for sharing. But, the day isn't over so I need to go load up some more batteries and get about my evening business. Here's just an appetizer for the final presentation:

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